Overton Family Reunion

Our family reunion in July 2012 at Gulf Beach Resort will always be our most memorable reunion.

The amazing beginning of this story is: When our three children had young families of their own we started going to Myrtle Beach every year to “South Winds Motel” which was a twin to “Gulf Beach Motel” in Sarasota.

The kids, grandkids and greatgrandkids couldn t wait till July to meet up with old friends they had made over the years…….sadly enough as investors bought one unit at a time they got control and tore our beloved South Winds down and replaced it with a beautiful huge high rise! We went back after several years and found out sadly this did not work for our family. So we thought we have our memories of years past.

Then a year ago one of the granddaughters was on her honeymoon and while exploring the area waiting to go on their cruise, she called and said NAN I found our South Winds!!!!

Long story ………but needless to say we were all so excited we planned our Family Reunion for July 2012.

Overton Family Reunion

Our kids also planned a Wedding Vow Renewal for our “60th”.

Wow what a terrific, wonderful, exciting time was had by 49 family members attending. My husband and I will treasure these memories the rest of our life. God has blessed us beyond measure.

All the staff went out of their way to do everything to make us feel at home……….bringing back all our memories of friends at Myrtle Beach.

Thank you thank you thank you all !!!

We have booked for July 2014 and there will even be more of our family able to attend.

I can’t wait………..

Jackie Overton