How We Found the Gulf Beach Resort Motel

My name is Judy Wilson and I would like to tell you my story about how my husband and I found the little “gem” known as Gulf Beach Resort Motel on Lido Key.

Almost 29 years ago we decided since we had never been to Florida we would give it a try. Not knowing where to go a friend suggested Sarasota. We wanted to be at the beach so I started to investigate what motels were at the beach in Sarasota. I was told that if we wanted a place on the water we would have to go out to one of the Keys. I didn’t even know what a Key was so, with more investigation, I found Lido Key, Siesta Key, and Longboat Key and started making calls. Unfortunately this was for Easter week and of course there was no availability anywhere except for one unit on Lido at Gulf Beach Resort Motel.

This made us a little nervous. If this is the only place available what kind of place would this be? We decided to make the reservation, but also made a reservation in Sarasota just in case. Arriving at the Sarasota Airport (at that time it was more of a carport) we rented a car and found our way to Gulf Beach Motel.

As we drove in we were not really impressed. It looked a little run down, but when we saw the beautiful beach we were sold! Our unit was clean and comfortable and the screened in lanai was a definite plus.

Since I was a sun worshiper, most of my time was spent on the beach. In the eighty’s Time Shares were the big thing, and sales people would canvas the beaches looking for potential buyers offering them a free dinner at a local restaurant if they would listen to their sales presentation.
I have to say we did have a few free dinners that week, and were actually thinking of investing in a Time Share on Lido Key until a gentleman staying in another unit at Gulf Beach told us something we had no idea of.

He explained that the units at Gulf Beach were all individually owned and operated as a condominium. This gentleman asked us why we would think of buying a Time Share for two weeks when we could buy a Gulf Beach unit to have it for our use throughout the year or otherwise rent it. That’s when it all started!

There was one unit for sale. The price was right, so we jumped on it. This was 2 days before we were scheduled to leave for home. Somehow we managed to get everything settled before we left, and made arrangements to return two months later to redecorate and enjoy our newly owned “little piece of paradise.”

That was, as I said, 29 years ago. Since then we have witnessed many wonderful changes both in the overall appearance of the property and the staff. We have an exceptional Manager, Assistant Manager, Desk Clerks, Maintenance men, Housekeepers, and Board who work diligently to make Gulf Beach the best it can be. Improvements are always on going and our hospitality has been complimented over and over again by our guests.

This is not another impersonal high rise that seems to be going up all over. We are a family of owners and staff who take a personal interest in all our guests to make them feel a part of our family and I couldn’t be happier to be a part of it.

We welcome you to join us and experience the true nature of Gulf Beach Resort Motel. You won’t be disappointed.