An Owner’s Story

Being near the water is happiness for me. In 1983, I purchased a unit at Gulf Beach Resort Motel in a property exchange offered by my realtor in Lakeland, FL. Since then, many relatives and friends of mine from New York to CA have enjoyed visiting the resort for our family parties, weddings, and simple beach get-togethers.

While serving on the board of directors for many years, I have observed the large “family” of owners strive to improve the historic motel and work diligently to hold the place together while all around us, resorts were being razed. During 2003, it was a struggle to gain Historic Designation while confronted with developers who wanted to tear it down. Gulf Beach Resort was the first motel built on Lido Key in 1949-50, and is the last one standing today.

The association’s determination to keeping a modest-priced condo-hotel right on the water of elite Lido Key offers the average-income clientele a beach place for vacations — and making fabulous memories of sunsets, surf, and fun.

My family and I love being at GBR, and many of our friends enjoy meeting us there for beach parties — for 29 years and counting. I will continue to upgrade my unit and enjoy looking down the beach from the common balcony. And it never ceases to make me happy when somebody tells me they had a good time while renting my unit.

Ronell (Ronni) Jones